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Bunnyman & the Angels

Ideas and process behind the print: 


Bunnyman & the Angels images were captured at Christopher Street Day (Berlin Pride parade) and montaged into a set of surreal prints. There is no overall meaning behind the print, rather a collection of ideas that surround it. I'll highlight some key thoughts: 


Initially I was drawn to the masked figured I had captured. I have had a long interest in masks; they have different associations. On one hand wearing a mask conceals a person’s identity and can create a way of hiding. On the other masks can be used to create a new persona in performance and celebration. An ongoing interest in carnival culture, the play between themes of darkness and light, that can be both celebratory and joyful yet also dark and surreal.


The rabbit headed figure brings up ideas around anthropomorphism and juxtaposed next to the angels gives the prints a dream-like or other-worldly feeling. I am often drawn to images with a sinister edge - I don't aim to scare, but to add intrigue and mystery.

The mark-making combined with the images carries feelings of excitement and energy, which I feel pair well with the carnival theme. 

Cyanotype, cyanotype and drawing, gold, original print, alternative photography, blueprint, berlin pride

Bunnyman & the Angels I, 2018

Original cyanotype montage with drawing in gold

35.5 x 25cm

Process: Firstly, I worked on the photographs in Photoshop - a bit of digital cut and paste and then converted into negatives and positives which were printed on acetates.  

The initial prints were cyanotypes (example to the right) - chemicals are mixed and painted onto the paper, then your negative is laid directly on top and exposed to UV light, transforming the colour from bright acid green to beautiful Prussian Blue. Finally, I drew on top of with gold ink.

I loved how the blue and gold worked together, brought different physical elements and tactility to the work as well as light.

After, I developed these prints into large-scale screenprints. I really wanted to expand the marks made by hand, so I printed the background using a monoprinting technique through a screen - this is where you paint directly onto the screen and make a one-off print. This brought expression and energy to the work.

Next I screenprinted my photo-stencils on top, and lastly the Dutch gold leaf has been applied by hand. This is a varied edition - each print has unique elements but with the same images.


Bunnyman & the Angels II, 2021

Giclee Print with handpainted gold leaf

42 x 59.4cm

Shadowman, 2018

Unique screenprint

75.5 x 57cm

12. Shadowman .jpg

Bunnyman & the Angels, 2018

Screenprint varied edition

75.5 x 57cm

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